What is All-On-Four (4) Treatment?


A method for tooth replacement referred to as All-On-Four (4) treatment can be beneficial for replacing unhealthy teeth or removable dentures, with a permanent (non-removable) hybrid dental bridge supported by 4 or more implants.  In most cases your replacement teeth can be attached to the implants the same day of the implant insertion.  The All-on-four (4) treatment was developed as an alternative for patients that had been traditionally viewed as non-candidates for this type of treatment because they didn’t have enough jawbone structure to support dental implants.

Ideal candidates for the All-On-Four (4) treatment are people who have multiple missing or failing teeth, or people who are tired of wearing traditional removable dentures. The All-On-Four replacement teeth are made from a hybrid dental bridge, which is a prosthesis that includes teeth and surrounding gum tissue, to provide a more naturally-appearing smile.

Dr. Brown and your general dentist will consult with you to determine your specific condition and will create a treatment plan tailored to meet your needs that will make your teeth more functional.

What Appointments Are Needed for All-On-Four?

  • 1-4 pre-surgical appointments between your restorative dentist and Dr. Brown, which include consultations, clinical photos and impressions of your teeth/mouth.
  • 1 surgical visit and the patient leaves the office with his/her new teeth.
  •  2 post-surgical appointments are needed with Dr. Brown, the first is a week after the surgery and the next is six months afterwards to do a final check of the implants.
  • 3-5 post-operative appointments with your restorative dentist to make any adjustments to the teeth, and to learn how to properly maintain them.