Allona aferYou have only one opportunity to make a first impression! So why not make the best first impression that you can when you meet someone, go on a job interview or a first date by dazzling him or her with your gorgeous smile. Whatever the reason, crown lengthening can help you “knock the socks off” of anyone by giving you a perfect smile and boosting your confidence so you can be at your best.
Cosmetic surgery has become more popular than ever before especially now that more Americans are living longer healthier lifestyles and aging more gracefully with the help of plastic surgery. Crown Lengthening has also felt this trend as it has experienced a significant shift toward cosmetic-related surgery to help make smiles last a lifetime.

A recent poll of 253 consumers conducted by the American Academy of Periodontology found the following:

  • 50% consider the smile the first facial feature they notice
  • 80% are not happy with their smile
  • Respondents were seven times more likely to have periodontal, smile enhancement procedures, than face-lifts
  • Smile enhancement procedures outnumbered eyelid surgeries five to one

Crown Lengthening Addresses a Gummy Smile or Uneven Gum Line

Do you feel your teeth look too short and your smile is too gummy or your gums cover too much of some teeth while leaving the others the right length? If so crown lengthening might be the solution for you. During this procedure, excess gum tissue is removed to expose more of the crown of the tooth. Then your gum-line is sculpted to give your new smile just the right look.

Long teeth/Exposed Roots

Do you feel you look older than you really are? Sometimes gum recession causes the tooth root to become exposed, which makes the teeth look long and can make you look older than you are. This recession can happen as a result of a variety of causes, including periodontal diseases. Whatever the reason, exposed roots are unappealing and can leave you at risk of developing cavities on your tooth root.

Soft tissue grafts and other root coverage procedures are designed to cover exposed roots, to reduce further gum recession and to protect vulnerable roots from decay.

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