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Sam R.

I would like ALL to know I am very pleased with the service and care I have been receiving at your office!! Truley, and without hesitation, I rate my visits with your staff at the VERY TOP of all my dental care experiences!

Mary Ann

I went to Dr. Graig Brown for a dental implant in December of 2023 and had a follow up appointment in April of this year. It was a great experience from all of his office personnel especially Jennifer. The implant procedure by Dr. Brown was expert and accomplished quickly and smoothly. His office dealt with my insurance company very efficiently and the paperwork need for my regular dentist was provided without a request on my part. It was a first-class operation from start to finish and I would recommend Dr. Craig Brown and his staff very highly.

Albert Z.

Was referred to Dr Brown for preparation to receive a replacement bridge. Received excellent counsel leading to extraction of two teeth. The procedure was carefully explained by Dr. Brown. His staff was professional and caring. The entire experience was done with 100 percent professional treatment. I experienced virtually no pain post operative. Dr. Brown personally telephoned me the evening of the procedure to be certain that my healing was satisfactory. I highly recommend the services of Dr Graig Brown.

Total Professionals!

Dr. Brown and his staff are total professionals in every aspect of patient care! The staff is warm, welcoming, and obviously cares about each patient’s dental experience. Dr. Brown is the consummate professional — not only in ensuring the best outcome medically, but in following up on each treatment personally to confirm the patient is comfortable and progressing as expected. I’m no doubt biased, but Dr. Brown’s professional approach reminds me of my twenty-year, USAF-veteran, husband’s attention to detail and absolute insistence on doing the job right! I highly recommend this dental practice!

Just WOW!

Dr. Brown and his staff are beyond incredible!! I have put my gum surgery on the back burner for years. Not only expense but mainly because of my aversion to dental work. I have had some pretty horrific experiences in the dental chair. Dr. Brown is an absolute master in his knowledge, skill, and competence! He and his staff always make me feel comfortable and worthwhile. I am extremely overjoyed at how easy my experience has been and the results! Thank you isn’t adequate! I am grateful beyond words!

Dental Work

Dr. Brown has been working on my dental implant. The practice is professional, prompt and very caring. Communication and follow up are excellent.

Dr. Brown is the best

Dr. Brown’s skills are amazing! My implant was painless and the healing time went more quickly than I had supposed. His office is an oasis of calm- all staff are professional and kind. Appointments are on schedule. I am very glad that my wonderful family dentist pointed me in his direction.-Robin Bowyer

Kindest most caring practice

I have been going to Dr. Brown on a ongoing basis for the past 4 years. He and his staff are always professional, caring and helpful. I have had numerous surgeries performed by Dr. Brown and he calls you the evening of the procedure to follow-up and make sure you are doing well. His office gives you his cellphone number in case you have any problem. This is the way medicine should be practiced and I am amazed that no matter how difficult the procedure I have no problems afterwards and my healing has been incredibly fast and virtually painless. I would encourage anyone to visit the best medical practitioner I have ever encountered.

Absolute Best of the Best


My son’s front tooth implant crown came out last night. He went to a Phoenix dentist this am and presented his implant information card that he received from you following his implant surgery.
The Phoenix dentist advised my son that you are making all of the other periodontists in Phoenix look bad. They had never seen this information provided by any of their other patients.
The information card saved them 2- to 45 minutes of research time and aggravation. My son was in and out in less than 30 minutes and was able to make his 10 am meeting.
Just another indication that you (and your team) are the absolute best of the best.

Michael Deitch

Eternally Grateful

I am so very thankful for Dr. Brown and his staff. After having some dental issues over the Memorial day weekend, I was referred to Dr. Brown for an implant, due to a cracked tooth. From the very beginning, he and his staff were helpful, caring, and compassionate. After a thorough exam, Dr. Brown reported that my tooth was not actually cracked but instead just needed some minor modifications, which he performed. I was elated!!! I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Brown and his staff and would definitely recommend him to others. Dr. Brown truly loves what he does and wants the best for his patients!


Dr. Graig is simply the best. Totally professional in every way. My experiences could not have been better.

Amazing experience!

The office staff are wonderfully kind, cheerful and patient. Dr. Brown did a phenomenal job on my extraction & implant foundation yesterday and I have No pain, No Bruising, No swelling, and No nausea! I give him my highest recommendation. An extremely positive experience! I am very grateful that Dr. Maskell recommended him to me.

Highly recommended

I’ve had two gum grafts done by Dr. Brown. Both procedures went very well and there was minimal discomfort during the recovery. Dr. Brown is professional, personable, and explains the procedure and answers all your questions. I am completely satisfied with the results and would definitely recommend him. The office staff is friendly and professional as well.

Bone graft and implant surgeries

My experience definitely exceeded my expectations. At the initial consultation, a complete plan and cost was presented (and subsequently followed); instructions for both surgeries were comprehensive; both surgeries went very well; a complete set of online videos was so helpful, and follow-up appointments reinforcing. I have TOTAL confidence in the skill, professionalism, and friendliness of Dr. Brown and his staff. I am grateful to them for all they did for me.

Excellent Outcome, Excellent Doctor, Excellent Practice

I am terrified of dentistry and oral surgery is a different level of terror. Not for a moment was I afraid, because my highly trusted regular dentist told me she would come to Dr. Brown if she needed an implant and once I met Dr. Brown and engaged with his staff, I knew why. His online/on paper qualifications are helpful for calming a scared patient, but once you meet him and the team there all that fear is in the rearview mirror. He also provided my sedation so I would not be a bad patient in the chair. I am grateful for such a great doctor and a great team who took care of me and my implant needs. The outcome was perfect and I can’t say enough to recommend Dr. Brown and his practice.

Tears of Joy

I had a gummy and crooked smile all of my life. My teeth looked like baby teeth because of the extra gum. I chose Dr. Brown because he was just as excited as I was to finally have a smile worth showing. Dr. Brown and the staff were absolutely amazing from start to finish, they were empathetic and professional. They told me what to expect, answered all of my questions, and made me feel at ease. Surgery and recovery went smoothly. Dr. Brown even called me the night of the surgery to see how I was feeling. I highly recommend Dr. Brown. Thank you so much for giving me a beautiful smile worth showing.

The Best

Once again Dr. Brown and his entire staff provide the absolutely best dental work possible.

Dr. Brown

Most professional periodontist I’ve known. Careful, thorough, knowledgeable with excellent bedside manner.

Warm, friendly environment

From the friendly greeting of the receptionists to the considerate dental assistants, to the professionalism and cordiality of Dr. Brown, one could hardly ask for more from a dental office. They strive for and achieve excellence in every category. In this time of COVID-19, they operate smoothly and with patient safety utmost in mind. Highly recommended for dental implants and periodontal issues.

Patient implants

My experience with the preparation and the installation and follow up for my implants was performed very professionally by Dr. Brown and his staff. I felt very comfortable during the procedure and the follow-up appointments. My appointments were done on time with no waiting. Dr. Brown and his staff are the best.

Successful Implant

In the summer of 2019, I was referred to Dr. Brown by my dentist to consider an implant. After the initial consultation with Dr. Brown, I decided to continue with him for the implant. I appreciated how well Dr. Brown explained the process and answered all my questions. Coming in I had some misgivings about the implant option, but my mind was put at ease by the obvious professionalism and competence of Dr. Brown and his staff. The implant process has been completed and I have been released by Dr. Brown to my dentist for the making of the artificial tooth. Throughout the process, the competence of Dr. Brown and staff was confirmed and I am glad I had Dr. Brown to deal with the complex nature of my particular gum issues.

The last two office visits were during this COVID-19 period and I was so impressed and relieved on how well COVID was handled. They had a stringent process in place and I never felt any undue risks. I am 75 years old and hope I never need another implant, but if I do, I cannot imagine going anywhere else but here. Dr. Brown, the clinical staff, and front office staff are all first-rate. I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Graig Brown for any periodontal or implant services needed. Thank you.

Highly recommended doctor

Last week, Dr. Brown performed surgery to extract my #30 infected tooth connected to a bridge and did a bone graft. His work was so skilled that the bridge is intact. Dr. Brown is caring, phoning the evening of the surgery to check on me. The surgery was outstanding and the healing was painless.
Prior to the surgery, Dr. Brown did a thorough examination of my dental condition; he found that I have a sinus problem and advised me to see an ENT specialist. I am impressed with Dr. Brown’s knowledge and am thankful to be in his care. His staff is professional and efficient, especially dental assistant Jennifer. I highly recommend Dr. Brown and his practice.

#19 Extraction and Implant

I was referred to Dr. Brown by my primary care dentist because of a possible vertical crack in my lower left molar, #19. Dr. Brown did a comprehensive examination and determined the molar was probably cracked. We decided to do an extraction, bone graft, and emplacement of a post-implant in preparation of the installation of a permanent crown. Over the next eight months, Dr. Brown performed the extraction, bone graft, and emplacement of the post-implant and healing abutment. Everything went very smoothly. Dr. Brown and his staff do excellent work. I am a retired engineer and Dr. Brown took the time to explain all the details of each procedure to my complete satisfaction. I highly recommend Dr. Graig Brown.

Outstanding Service

I was totally pleased with Dr. Brown’s expertise, efficiency, performance, and professionalism. He answered all of my questions and allayed any concerns I had before the procedure. The outcome was great!
In addition, the office staff was very friendly and efficient as well.
I couldn’t be happier.

Debby R.

My implant experience

I found the entire process, from the first visit to the final checkup, to be very efficient.
The procedure itself was absolutely painless.
Post-procedure self-care instructions were clearly written; the office staff was always competent and courteous, and Dr. Brown is tops in his field and the consummate professional.
If I ever need periodontal work again, I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Dr. Brown’s office.

Richard B.

Prep for Implant

I was referred to Dr. Graig Brown by my dentist and I was at first hesitant. I had a friend that highly recommended her Periodontics but I wanted to give my primary dentist the benefit of doubt. I was instantly impressed with Dr. Brown and his staff by their professionalism, courtesy, friendliness, clean environment, and their acute awareness of each patient’s demeanor. Dr. Brown and his extremely knowledgeable staff walked me through every step of the process of removing my broken tooth, and the timeframe for each step leading up to the pre and post-implant process. I was relaxed through the whole initial first step of my tooth removal, and the extra care of the same day call to check on my progress gave me additional confidence that I was in the best hands for this process.

Best Care

I was referred to Dr. Brown by my dentist and I couldn’t have been more pleased. Dr. Brown and his extremely knowledgeable staff walked me through every step of the process of getting implants. The Covid-19 crisis put off my surgery for a month but that was fine, as safety and health is of the utmost importance to me, and obviously to Dr. Brown. The surgery itself went well and I experienced little discomfort. I look forward to the completion of this in a few months so that I can get back my smile! I will happily recommend this practice to all.

Excellence all around

In today’s medical environment, depersonalization has become the norm. The patient is a number (birthdate) and is often treated as such.

Dr. Brown’s office is a perfect exception. We, patients, have a name, and the staff remembers who we are. It’s a treat. And they are ready for us at the appointed hour! But the real excellence comes from our care. Dr. Graig Brown and his medical staff are highly trained and educated people. The removal and replacement of my implant were done with total professionalism along with the great personal attitude of all involved. If I ever have need of a periodontist again, I will go nowhere else.

The Best!

I can’t say enough about Dr. Brown and his staff. He is a warm and caring individual and his staff reflects his personality. I have had two extractions and implant posts on four different occasions. I had sedation each time and it was probably the best experience I’ve had AND I am a 70+-year-old baby. Bad experiences as a child have left me with a great deal of fear. He is THE BEST.

Excellent Experience

From the moment we walked in the door, everyone was so polite and friendly. the staff act as if they really are interested in you and explain things very well. We really liked Dr.Graig! He was thorough, friendly and easy to talk to. We would give this practice and this Doctor a+++ !!!!!!!

Chad R., Patient

Dr Brown and his staff are so fantastic that, as odd as it may sound, I often looked forward to my appointments. Everyone I worked with, from the front office team to the assistants were all warm, friendly, caring, and genuinely concerned about me and my implants.
I hope I never need implants again, but it’s comforting to know that if I do then I know exactly where to go for top quality care.
Thank you Dr Brown and team!

Michael D., Patient

Dr. Brown and his entire staff made a long and challenging process smooth and easy. He took the time to answer all of my questions and was available at all times if I needed anything. Absolutely world class treatment!
I would highly recommend Dr. Brown and would use him again should the need arise.

Susan Hicks., Dental Implant Patient

Dr. Brown and his staff are consummate professionals.
The office is exceptionally clean and comfortable.
You KNOW you are getting the best possible advice and care after meeting with Dr. Brown and his entire staff.
No one wants dental problems, but if you have them, you can rely on Dr. Brown to give you the best possible advice regarding your needs and post-surgical care. Each one of his staff are personable, caring and enjoyable. They are excellently trained in their field of expertise.
I cannot speak more highly of Dr. Brown and his wonderful staff.

Patricia Keyes

Best Yet!
I found Dr. Graig Brown to be exceptionally skilled, caring, and with great communication ability. I had a long complicated procedure which was completely painless, totally comfortable and immensely successful. I have never had such a positive experience in my entire dental history!

J. Nelson, Dental Implant Patient

I had a front tooth implant that started a in November of 2018. I have made several appointments to complete the total procedure. Final procedure was 5-22-19. The staff was always very professional, courteous and always very helpful. Dr. Brown was very personal and easy to talk to and answered any questions I had. The office is to be commended for making me feel very comfortable as a patient and always willing to help and answer any questions.

Marlene Eldrid, Dental Implant Patient

Dr. Brown, thank you for the excellent job you did on installing my implant. I never had any issues or problems in the 9 months it took to complete. Everything was explained and fulfilled as planned. Your office and staff are very professional. Always greeting me with a smile and treating me with respect. You and your staff made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I will definitely refer your office to others and if needed I will definitely return. Thank you again,

Sue Arcus, Dental Implant Patient

I severely cracked a tooth and saw Dr. Brown for an implant. I am so pleased with how well the procedure went and would highly recommend Dr. Brown. He is extremely personable and the work he does is outstanding. His staff is very caring and knowledgeable. I think he and his staff are the best.

William Davenport, Dental Patient

I have been treated by Dr. Graig D. Brown for many years. I have been delighted with his treatment, which has been superlative. His answers to my questions have always been helpful and have made me confident with his work.
I have also been happy with his office staff and dental staff. They have all been caring and very helpful.
Waiting times have been short and post-operation instructions very helpful.

Katie Tran, Dental Implant Patient

My Dentist referred me to Dr. Brown’s office for grafting and dental implants. Each single visit I made to his office, I am met with friendly and professional team members. Their efficiency in getting you feeling welcome, at ease, and situated seems effortless. I would like to thank Dr. Brown for running a state of the art office and also for his expertise in the craft. Outstanding! I would like to also thank Jen, Maria for their caring nature and the front office staff for their efficiency. I do not hesitate in recommending Dr. Brown’s office to all my friends and acquaintances.

Private Periodontal Patient

I was so uneasy when I came into the office of Dr. Graig Brown, being scheduled for gum surgery, and not having a good day to begin with. I was pleasantly greeted and completed my paperwork. When Dr. Brown started the procedure he explained everything to me and after getting anesthesia the next thing I remember was being awakened and the procedure was over. The staff explained to me what to expect in the next few days, and honestly, I wish all my dental experiences were this “pleasant”. I had very little pain following the procedure and over the next few days, I was almost completely back to normal. I would refer Dr. Brown and his office staff to anyone requiring any kind of Periodontal procedure. They were great, from the front office staff to Dr. Brown to his assistant! Thank you, Dr. Brown and Staff!

Dr. David Spalding, Dentist

My name is Dr. David Spalding. I am a restorative and cosmetic dentist here in Tucson. I recently had to utilize the services of Dr. Brown because of a traumatic injury to one of my lower front teeth. The tooth had to be removed. Believe me when I say that as a practicing cosmetic and restorative dentist, it is not very easy to promote your skill set while flashing a missing front tooth to your own patients! Obviously, I know and work with many capable periodontists and oral surgeons in town, however, I chose to have Dr. Brown perform my procedure. The reason for my choice is because after working with Dr. Brown for many years and seeing the results of his work personally as I restore the implants he places, I can testify of the excellent care he provides for his patients. That is why I chose him to do my extraction and implant. I saw Dr. Brown two days ago for the procedure. He painlessly removed my tooth without having to put me to sleep ( although most everyone is sedated for such a procedure), and he was able to place the dental implant right there on the spot. Normally this is done in multiple procedures, but due to his high skill set it was all done in one visit (rare). I have had no pain at all. No lie. I took two Motrin tablets and decided I didn’t need them so I quit. This was not an easy surgery either. I cannot make a higher recommendation for Dr. Brown. Someone told me once “If you buy quality you only cry once”. This is true of Dr. Brown.

Chad, Dental Implant Patient

Dr Brown and his staff are so fantastic that, as odd as it may sound, I often looked forward to my appointments. Everyone I worked with, from the front office team to the assistants were all warm, friendly, caring, and genuinely concerned about me and my implants.
I hope I never need implants again, but it’s comforting to know that if I do then I know exactly where to go for top-quality care.
Thank you, Dr Brown and the team!

Nancy Berger, Dental Implant Patient

I wanted to send a big thank you to Dr. Brown and Jennifer for the awesome care I have received related to the implant procedure I had in September. The implant itself was a breeze, no pain or issues afterward and it has healed perfectly. The pre and post-op care/followup has been wonderful as well. The office is so clean, comfortable and all of the staff are very friendly. Jennifer does an incredible job of explaining the care of and what to watch for with an implant. I appreciate the great care and would highly recommend this office to any family and friends.

James R. Owens, Dental Patient

Experienced, professional, and personable. Highly recommended.

Melody W.

I highly encourage anyone needing implants to see Dr. Graig Brown. He and his staff are excellent.

Starla Thomas, Treatment: Periodontal Treatment

Kudos to a great Dr. and staff!
Dr Brown treated me for the first time this month and I have to say he has me as a patient for life! He is knowledgeable, gentle, professional, thorough, is exceptionally good at what he does, and has a great chair-side manner. What more could anyone want in a Periodontist?? And his staff is equally helpful, professional, friendly, courteous, and all-around great! From my recent experience, I couldn’t be more impressed with his practice. Thanks, Doc! You’re awesome!

Ann Engman, Treatment: Scaling & Root Planing

I suddenly became afraid of the dentist a while ago – and because of that, I ended up here needing Scaling and Root Planing. I have to say – I wish I would not have waited so long but I’m so happy I was referred to Dr. Brown. Dr. Brown and his entire staff make you feel so comfortable and at ease. My procedure was yesterday and today I feel fine! Dr. Brown even called last night to see how I was doing. I highly recommend this practice.

Janet B.

A Wonderful Experience
Dr. Brown and staff are an exceptional team. The whole procedure of my implant was explained fully step by step and I did not experience any pain. I will recommend Dr. Brown highly. He is a kind, gentle courteous gentleman…

Robert B., Treatment: Tooth Extraction & Implant

I am totally satisfied with the implant procedure and have enjoyed the visits I had with Dr Brown and his staff. I would highly recommend Dr. Brown.

Carol G., First Visit

Today was my first visit with Dr. Brown and his remarkable staff. The moment I entered the reception area I was greeted by Marlee with a smile. She was very friendly. She asked me if I would like some water. I am very nervous at dental appointments and she made me less anxious. Maria took me to an exam room. She is very friendly and helped me feel at ease. She was very efficient in entering my extensive medical history and medication allergies. Dr. Brown and I worked at Davis Monthan AFB many years ago. When he walked into the exam room he remembered working with me in 1985. Thank you all for a very pleasant visit!!

Maisie S.

Fantastic Care!
Thank you so much!! I live in pain, but Dr. Brown and his staff cared for me like I was family! Thank you again…FANTASTIC

Ruth C., Treatment: Dental Implants

I had a terrible issue with my upper teeth thanks to bad dentistry that I was unaware of for 14 years. Thankfully when I relocated to Tucson I found a great dentist who caught the problem immediately and sent me to Dr. Brown fro a consult. I needed extractions and implants with grafting. He was great. The procedures went well and the healing process was quick, and very successful. I have returned to do 2 more implants and know that they will go just as well.

Joy R., Treatment: Dental Implants

My experience with the office has been a pleasure. All the staff is very peasant and professional, willing to help in any way possible. I find Dr Brown to be an exceptional doctor. I completely trust his recommendations. He shows a real caring for me as a patient. I greatly appreciate and respect his expertise and skill in his profession. The pain I have experienced has/been minimal compared to when I had previous implants done. Dr. Brown made it possible to connect with my new general dentist, who I also find to be exceptional. I am very grateful for the excellent care I receive from Dr Brown.

Nancy S., Treatment: Gum Surgery & Hygiene

The staff, customer care, courteousness, and dental procedures are the best in Tucson.

Spencer, Treatment: Gum Tissue Graft

Dr. Brown performed a gum tissue graft on my receding gum line. Following the procedure, the pain was minimal and I had a quick recovery. I was told today that the graft is healthy and I have 100% root coverage. I would highly recommend Dr. Brown and his staff to friends and family.

Elinore C., Treatment: Dental Implant

Speaking as a person with DENTAL PANIC, I received understanding and consideration constantly and greatly benefited from the advanced expertise of Dr. Brown and his entire staff, including the office. They’re combined efforts took the fear away. I am tremendously happy with the wonderful care and follow through of Doctor and staff and the results that followed due to Dr. Brown’s dentistry. Mere words are insufficient and I am able to only emit a humble thank you. I will ALWAYS recommend Doctor Brown and his full staff to others.

Leslie J., Treatment: Soft Tissue Graft

I had initially postponed my periodontal operation for fear that it would be painful and hinder my ability to train CrossFit. I verbalized my concerns to Dr. Graig Brown, who immediately had an alternative option for me that would expedite my recovery. He used tissue from a cadaver, which allowed me to heal within days. I had my operation on Friday, and was able to train completely pain free on Saturday. Competing as a competitive CrossFitter is very important to me, and I felt that Dr. Brown performed a completely painless and helpful procedure. Thank you!

Glenna D., Treatment: Dental Implant

Dr. Brown & his staff were excellent at explaining everything in advance. The procedure went well, & the post-op healing exceedingly well.

Judy N., Treatment: Tissue Graft

Dr. Brown is a very skillful periodontist. He also has excellent bedside manner. I am very happy with my gum graft result and highly recommend Dr. Brown for any periodontal needs.

Nancy C., Treatment: Dental Implants

I can’t say enough about Dr. Graig Brown. I think that he is the greatest!!! I am a real chicken when it comes to having any kind of dental work done. I feel totally at ease the minute I walk into Dr. Brown’s beautiful office. I’m immediately greeted by his lovely staff and appreciate that I am seen right away. Dr. Brown has the best chair-side manner and a very gentle touch. I have complete trust in him and his work is outstanding!!!

Rogelio S.

Simply The Best
Dr. Brown’s is simply the best dental practice I have ever visited. Last year I had the need for gum surgery from a long period of neglect: it was absolutely flawless, from the anesthesia to the surgery itself to the post treatment and cleaning. As a result, my dental health has improved more than 100%. These are the things I love and trust from this practice: * Very friendly Staff with a genuine interest in your well being * I trust their knowledge and decision making on my best treatment * The execution of their practice on every single procedure is the best * To say that the practice is very clean is an understatement * I love their good taste and decoration style

P.V. Agur, Satisfied customer

I am in the process of getting 2 implants. Today was oral surgery day. After reading my take home instructions, and asking a few questions, I felt totally prepared. After nearly two hours in the dental chair there were no surprises. Dr. Brown made everything go off like clockwork with the aid of a very efficient and friendly staff. Oh, and Dr. Brown is friendly too. Thank you Doctor Brown. Looking forward to my next two appointments.

Cindy G.

What if all medical care were this competent?
My dentist had planned to do a crown, but the tooth broke, and I needed to have it pulled ASAP. Dr. Brown got me in quickly and proceeded to pull the tooth. I was not prepared for making a decision about what to do about the missing tooth, but Dr. Brown spent the time to explain the implant option and what would be involved. I decided to proceed with the implant with Dr. Brown because he exudes competence and I felt like I was receiving the highest quality of treatment. At the same time, he demonstrates great care and concern for the patient. Then the pleasant surprise was the rest of the office operation. This office provides the most professional, efficient and personalized experience of any medical practice I have ever dealt with. I just wish all healthcare was run this way.

Leslie A.

Very Nice!
Very nice office staff, the chair side assistants and the Dr. are so friendly, yet very professional. I had a gum procedure and felt confident before and after due to the caring way I was treated. Would highly recommend this office to friends!

Nanzie D., Treatment: Dental Implant

Dr. Brown is a very compassionate dentist with an extremely competent staff. The office is beautiful and well equipped. Dr. Brown followed up with me, himself, the evening of my surgery. The experience was very positive and more pleasant than I thought oral surgery could ever be.

Rolfe B.

Great Care
I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Brown and his staff. I’m like most people in that I HATE going to the dentist. Dr. Brown and his staff always put me at ease and are helpful in every way imaginable.

John R., Treatment: Removed broken tooth & set implant.

Dr. Brown removed my broken bicuspid on very short notice, and installed a dental implant. Hardly any pain during or after – less than a typical dental visit. Dr. Brown and his staff are very competent, efficient, and friendly. I highly recommend them. They also seamlessly sent my electronic records to my primary dentist. Additionally, Dr. Brown personally called me at home the night of my implant surgery to make sure that I was not in pain. Remarkable people.

Chloe W., Treatment: Tooth Extraction

Thank you for being available, patient, understanding and for putting my mind at ease this evening after my surgery. You are the best.

Steve B., Treatment: Dental Implant

Dr. Brown, I want to let you know how much I appreciate you and your super staff. I was so impressed with you and your staff: the professionalism within your office makes for a pleasant experience. Thank you for caring.

Terri D.

Wonderful Staff
Thank you very much for resolving my dental problems. I truly appreciate you folks always going above and beyond, and always providing excellent care.

Paige. G., Treatment: Extraction and Crown Lengthening

Your Office is a pleasant place and runs in a very organized and professional way. Thank you Dr. Brown – I appreciate the great work that you did on my tooth extraction and crown lengthening surgery.

Nancy M.

Dr. Brown, Thank you so much for the good care you provided to me for my implants this past December and for the great care overall since last spring. Clearly, the foundation of your practice is in integrity and kindness. You have created this as a culture among your staff and your overall aesthetic. I feel this every time I step into your office. I am so grateful to have been guided into your care. A million gratitudes to you and your entire staff.

Rebecca W., Treatment: Tooth Extraction

Dr. Brown’s office is wonderful. My boyfriend and I have never felt better cared for or so well attended. Lovely staff too, patient and detailed with all of our concerns, going the extra mile, et cetera. And the best part… my tooth extraction was pain free. Dr. Brown is very, very good.

Gail V.

Dental Anxiety Relief!
If all places were like this I would have never developed my fear of all things dental related. I can’t believe that I never have any anxiety going here, but it’s true. Nobody is going to hurt me or tell me I’m doing everything wrong. They always go that extra bit more than they have to.

John S.

Strongly recommend.
I had a friendly, competent, and gentle cleaning treatment with the hygienist, and received excellent knowledgeable advice concerning future work.

Jim T.

Continue to be Very Satisfied
I have been seeing Dr. Brown for some time and am always very satisfied with the reception, treatment and follow-up I receive. During my time with Dr. Brown, he performed 3 implant procedures for me. Recently, the crown on one implant loosened and twisted in place. When my regular dentist proposed a course of action, I asked her to contact Dr. Brown and consult with him first. Dr. Brown immediately made room for me at the end of a busy day for him and corrected the problem. I continue to see him and his staff twice a year for periodontal maintenance and will continue to do so because of the security I feel when under his care.

Kelly C.

Long Term Periodontal Maintenance
I have been a patient of Dr. Brown for ten years for periodontal maintenance. I truly appreciate the professionalism and friendliness of his practice. He and his staff have always exhibited the most courteous and efficient service and concern for my dental needs. I have never had to wait past my appointment time.

Arlene M.

Finding the Best Care!
I had gum surgery in 2011 and continued seeing Dr. Brown and my regular dentist for periodontal maintenance during 2012. In 2013 and 2014 I changed insurance plans and tried 2 different dentists from their networks. I wasn’t completely happy with them so I decided to go back to Dr. Brown for my periodonal maintenance where I know I will be well taken care of.

Irene Anderson

Trustworthy Professionals
I have benefited from Dr. Brown’s phenomenal treatment for years and have referred many others who have all been 100% satisfied. As someone who has required regular dental care and both periodontal and implant services, I have never encountered a provider who is more sensitive to patient needs and who delivers such quality care.

Bob B., Dental Hygiene

I have found the work done by all members of the staff as very professional. The cleanings are first class. The dental restoration work is very impressive, with procedures that I did not even know were possible, until I was introduced to the procedures in the office.

Marc E.

No Worries
I have had no problems or concerns while under the care from the entire office. I like, many folks, am nervous when visiting dentists. Not to worry here, as my experiences have all been positive.

Charlotte, Dental Care

What a pleasant staff and office! For someone who has carried a fear with every entry into a dental office, I must say Dr. Brown and his staff offers a very calming experience. I truly feel my exams are thorough and all procedures performed with care and concern.

Ben P., Treatment: Extraction/Implants

Who’s better than Dr. Brown……….NOBODY!!! Dr. Brown and his staff are fantastic. They are professional, courteous, friendly, and truly take an interest in your well being. They are a great team assembled by Dr. Brown and his wife. You may ask yourself, how many periodontic physicians there are in Tucson but there really is only one…..Dr. Brown. I would highly recommend Dr. Brown to anyone without reservation.

Stuart G., Treatment: Extraction & Dental Implant

At the recommendation of my dentist, I retained Dr. Brown to remedy an implant procedure which had just been performed improperly by another periodontist of my own choosing. Dr. Brown was genuinely concerned about my situation, outlined my alternatives in a totally understandable manner, and proceeded to turn a jeopardous situation into a perfect piece of work. I know professionalism when I see it, and my experience with him and each and every member of his staff was a shining example of such. Doc, thank you for a most comfortable process and happy ending.


Best Practice Ever!
From the moment you enter the calming reception area, the interaction you will have with the practice will be nothing short of exceptional. Dr. Brown, the hygienists and assistants treat each other with respect and that carries through to the patients. They will go out of their way to make your dental experience as painless as possible and explain everything they are doing! You can ask as many questions necessary and they will all be answered. Do not hesitate to take advantage of their skills, you won’t regret it!

Sonja B.

Great dental care
Dr. Brown and his staff are top notch. I have had 2 implants done here and was very apprehensive on my first visit. The professionalism and friendliness of Dr. Brown and his staff put me at ease. I would recommend them to anyone.

Doug C., Treatment: Dental Implant

This is a very professional office. The dictionary gives one of the definitions of professional as “exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, and generally businesslike manner in the workplace” and I certainly think this fits. Thank you for excellent care!

Judy L., Treatment: Dental Implant

Dr. Brown and his staff are welcoming, caring and professional. They explain proposed treatments clearly and completely and answer all questions patiently. Dr. Brown is technically skilled and can be trusted to do excellent work. I strongly recommend Dr. Brown for your dental needs.

Diane R., Treatment: Implant Preparation

This was my first experience with Dr. Brown and his staff. They were all very professional and friendly. No questions were left unanswered. Dr. Brown and his assistant were very helpful in calming me on the day of the procedure. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Cristina M., Treatment: Implants

Since I became Dr. Brown’s patient I am constantly impressed by his professionalism, kindness, high level of dental care and performance. The newest technology he uses treating patients and the high class decorations welcoming you in the office make each visit a pleasure for me instead of being a stressful event as it is normally when I visit a doctor. The entire office team is friendly and considerate, making you feel like you are among your family members and that is so rare. I trust Dr. Brown very much because I saw the exceptional results from the procedures he had performed on some of my family members, so I am confident that after I finish my treatment plan, I will be able to smile again and proudly post my picture with my results.

Shann B., Treatment: Gum Graft Surgery

I am a new patient of Dr. Brown’s and I recently had a gum grafting procedure for receding gums. The first time I came to the office I felt welcomed by the staff, and I was impressed by how friendly and at ease the staff made me feel. Not only was the staff very friendly, they were also very professional. Dr. Brown explained the gum grafting procedure I was going to have, and took time to answer any questions I had. The day I had the procedure, I was immediately put at ease. Everything that was going to happen was explained ,as well as the prescriptions I would need and the after care. During the procedure Dr. Brown made sure I was feeling O.K. and he was caring, as well as being professional . The office staff told me Dr. Brown would call me that evening to see how I was doing, and he did. I appreciated that very much. I would highly recommended Dr. Brown and his staff.

Patricia H., Treatment: Dental Implants

I have been seeing Dr. Brown for some time. I am having implants done in preparation for bridgework and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. He and his staff are extremely professional and courteous.

Donal D., Treatment: Intial Exam

I was a recent patient of Dr. Brown’s office and what a great experience. From the time I arrived at their office to the time I left everything was handled in a very professional manner. Marlee and Pedro are great to work with and Dr. Brown immediately “connected” and could not have done a better job in explaining everything in a very user friendly manner. I am looking forward to my next visit !


Compassionate, Professional and Caring
A year ago, I experienced sudden trauma to my mouth. After a lifetime of good home dental care and regular dental cleanings, I was shocked and horrified at the damage to my mouth. I went to half a dozen dental professionals (literally), until I found Dr. Graig Brown, a periodontist who I trusted professionally and who I felt truly cared about my health. Through every step of my recovery, I’ve felt confident that I’m receiving the very best periodontal care that I can get. Just as importantly, Dr. Brown and his staff are kind, compassionate and sympathetic to my situation. I’m very glad to be under Dr. Graig Brown’s care and I give him my highest recommendation.

Joanna B., Treatment: Periodontal Maintenance

Sarah, one of the dental hygienists, is outstanding. She takes such good care of me and as a result, we’ve seen a steady improvement in my dental condition.

Roger C., Treatment: Gum Disease

If you are nervous and apprehensive about visiting a dentist,like me, then you should visit Dr. Graig Brown’s office. Dr. Brown and his staff made me feel comfortable in my least liked environment! Pedro was very engaging and tried very hard to make me feel comfortable. I hate sitting in a dentist’s chair and somehow Pedro sensed this and worked very hard to help calm my nerves.

Randy C., Treatment: Dental Implants

Dr. Brown and his staff made me feel greatly at ease with extremely professional and friendly service. One can easily see through the client conducive atmosphere that Dr. Brown understands client-first service.

Edward D.

Healthy Mouth
My experience with Dr. Graig Brown has been outstanding. He explains things well and in detail, and is completely open about your dental health.

Marco S., Treatment: Gum Surgery

I have been scared of dentists all of my life. Dr.Brown & his staff made me feel comfortable in every aspect. I feel great after my procedure and won’t think twice on my next appointment. I totally recommend Dr.Brown and his exceptional crew!

Alex N.

Friendly & Professional
Everybody is great, from Carolina, Marlee, Pedro, Jennifer, Maria and of course Dr. Brown. They are true professionals; you can tell they enjoy and love their jobs.

Vicki D., Treatment: Tooth Extraction

I was referred to Dr. Brown from my regular dentist. They said he was kind and gentle and they were right. I had an infection along with a lot of pain so my tooth had to be pulled. I was so relieved that Dr. Brown could do it right away and that I didn’t have to wait another few days. I feel great now and will follow up for an implant. I am so happy.

Anonymous, Treatment: Dental Emergency

A wonderful office! My first visit was a bit of an emergency and everyone was compassionate and attentive to my distress. With the gentle, caring service I received, I am very grateful and recommend this office without any reservations what-so-ever.

Michelle P., Treatment: Dental Implant

I received excellent dental care and wonderful customer service from everyone. Dr. Brown called me at home after the surgery to see how I was doing. The entire staff was professional, kind, friendly and caring. Costs and all the procedures were explained to me up front. The office was clean, beautifully decorated and comfortable. Thank you for taking such good care of my dental surgery needs.

Karon C., Treatment: Dental Implant

Dr. Brown and his staff are always professional yet friendly and make me feel at ease. I am always confident in his expertise and that he will do an exceptional job while putting me in the least amount of discomfort. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Lesley & Emily P., Treatment: Frenulectomy

I was extremely pleased with the results from my daughter’s frenulectomy. The staff was friendly and courteous from the moment we walked into their beautiful facility. Dr. Brown carefully explained the procedure to both my daughter and myself. Our post operative instructions were clear and Dr. Brown even called to check up on my daughter that evening. I would highly recommend him to anyone. My daughter said she even wanted to thank her orthodontist for recommending Dr. Brown.

Roma M., Treatment: Dental Implant

Dr. Brown and his assistant Pedro explained everything to me and explained it clearly. Pedro went to the trouble of drawing an explanation of the procedure. Dr. Brown’s “chairside manner” is excellent and he explained what he was doing as he did it and ensured that I was comfortable and unworried.

Allona B., Treatment: Perio Plastic Surgery

Everyone took great care of me! I was told by Dr Brown I had a nice smile but he said he could make it even better and he did. I couldn’t be happier with my results and the healing time was fast and non-painful. If you need crown lengthening I wouldn’t go to any other office. I LOVE my smile!

Dr. Jack Marks

Great patient comfort
I am a retired physician and have been a patient since 2006. Dr. Brown’s office is warm and welcoming, as are the front office personnel who aid you with the administrative aspect of being a patient. In the diagnostic and treatment area, patient comfort is abundant as Dr. Brown and one of his dental assistants perform their work. Dr. Brown is a highly skilled and articulate Board Certified Periodontist who is understanding and reliable.

Judi S., Treatment: Dental Implants

When’s the last time you defined your dental visit as “enjoyable”? Dr. Brown and his entire staff truly accomplish just that; a warm, friendly and relaxing environment. It’s not only their love of, and dedication to their job, but their respect and care for one another, which naturally spills over to their patients! I have never encountered a more friendly and comfortable atmosphere, nor more genuine, top-notch care, from the initial consultation through the final follow-up appointment. Dr. Brown came highly recommended to me from several of his peers and is considered by some as one of the best in his profesion! As one of his patients for the past few years I couldn’t agree more! My sincere thanks and appreciation to all!


The Best Experience
Dr. Brown and his staff are outstanding! I was treated like family from the first call to make my appointment, to my first office visit and every appointment during my treatment. My medical doctors run one hour behind and the staff is constantly changing and no one remembers my name. In this office they know who you are, why you are there, they run on time, and actually have the time to visit with me each and every time. I have never been treated better in any dental practice or medical practice. This practice should be the model for all medical/dental offices. I highly recommend.

Steve P.

Professional and Friendly
Everyone, from the reception desk personnel to Dr. Brown, was exceptionally professional and friendly. The waiting room was nicely decorated and inviting.


Best Care in Tucson!
It is always a pleasure to go to the dentist these days! Dr. Brown, his staff, hygienists are quality people who are true professionals. The office is state of the art and always immaculate. I am fortunate have my dental health monitored by Dr. Brown.

Samantha S.

Great staff, quality work.
No issues or concerns. Great staff, quality work. Excels in patient care, including reassurance, comfort, and ease both prior and during the procedure. Appreciative of each team member’s care, including Dr. Brown himself completing follow up call.


Gentle, caring, professional. What else could you ask for in a dentist?
I did not want to be at the dentist and everything about it was making me anxious. They all seemed to understand this from the moment I walked in. When i got into the dreaded dentist’s chair, Pedro (assistant) immediately started reassuring me that it would be alright. He started asking me questions about my life to distract me. Dr. Brown was also very reassuring and kind during my procedure. When it was finished, they let me rest in the chair for another 10 or 20 minutes, then walked me to the car to make sure I was safe. When Dr. Brown called me later that night to ask if everything was going ok, I felt both reassured and cared for. Seriously, one couldn’t ask for better treatment and bedside manner. I highly recommend!

Charlotte, Treatment: Implants

The issue I had/have with my teeth was long overdue for treatment. I’ve been in pain for a long time and my previous dentist wasn’t listening to me. Being referred to Dr. Brown has greatly improved my life. I was seen immediately and the teeth and infection was removed. I am amazed that I have no, yes no, bruising, swelling or notable pain now. I expect to heal and get my implants, etc., on schedule. Dr. Brown and his staff are exceptional in my view.